“The heart and soul connect as one, through thoughts between one who can’t to one who can…”

Heya, there. It’s me.

I am a just a normal seventeen year old who loves to read and write.

These are my opinions on topics all around world. My normal hobbies may surprise you, because, I am an ardent reader, a music on- goer and surf all night long. That’s me likely to be a nocturnal. Though, I am still a learner.

Probably, you won’t like my English, because, its not that good. But if you do, I am highly grateful to you.

If you like my posts, do like, share, comment and subscribe. That’s a normal wish, but so be it. Because, it’s you all, who keeps us bloggers going. That’s all, folks!

P.S. If you want any book recommendation, ask right away on my email. I’ll be happy to answer.

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